Still not using a CMMS? It’s time to embrace change and increase your performance and efficiency.


A CMMS can provide you with invaluable tools that can be used to substantially increase the efficiency and performance of both your assets and your workforce. But, you’d be surprised at how many companies still aren’t using a CMMS solution. According to Plant Engineerings Maintenance Study, only 51{50a8bee14dc4ed84606df1215e238bdcdff271fccd2a14b087f77e04bee9efad} of the people surveyed are using any kind of CMMS software, meaning that many businesses are missing out on a completely different level of operational efficiency.

This maintenance study also reports that the average facility spends at least 22 hours per week performing maintenance of some kind, a number that has trended upward steadily from year to year. This increase in the amount of time spent performing maintenance is a clear indication that the need for efficient asset management has never been higher. In other words, if you’re not using a CMMS solution then you’re wasting a lot of time and money in your daily operations.

Now, let’s be clear: there are parts of the maintenance and repairs process that will end up taking close to if not the same amount of time with or without a CMMS solution. A team of 3 maintenance works will take more or less the same amount of time to perform a task regardless of whether they have a CMMS in place or not. Turning a wrench doesn’t become easier because you have a piece of software. What does become easier is all of the work that goes into related tasks for maintenance. Tasks like tracking inventory, filling out paperwork, reviewing repair manuals, ordering new parts when required, and more.

Each one of these tasks has a cost associated with it. It can be an actual monetary cost such as ordering spare parts or a time cost such as the amount of time an employee must invest to complete the task. In either case, being able to strike a balance between being able investing enough time and resources into completing your tasks without being wasteful suddenly becomes a lot easier if you have a system in place to help you manage the details.

Ok, but why should I use a CMMS?

The idea behind a CMMS solution may sound like a bit of a stretch at first. But don’t be fooled, there’s plenty of real-world value to be had by adopting a maintenance software solution like our EAM Web solution. In fact, let’s talk about some of those values.

Reduction in paperwork

What’s so important about reducing paperwork, anyways? Most importantly, paperwork is prone to be lost or damaged. In addition to that, it’s a hassle to fill out when you’re trying to finish a task. With our CMMS solutions, we’ve developed our applications in a way that allow you to drastically cut down on this time by automatically capturing information about your work orders, inspections, and other tasks while you’re actually performing them.

Gain a deeper understanding of your daily operations

By centralizing all of your information, you’re also gaining valuable insight into how your daily operations are progressing by gaining the ability to see real-time updates to work orders, inventory information, and every other aspect of your workflow. Being able to see potential issues as they develop allows you to take action much sooner.

Increase productivity

Having a quality CMMS solution place allows your workers to become much more efficient. Personnel can instantly review tasks assigned to them and gather materials by checking inventories without wasting valuable time.

Enhanced auditing capabilities and regulatory compliance

Since the need for paperwork is eliminated by storing digital signatures, the ability to review previous work now becomes substantially easier since there’s no chance of paperwork being lost or damaged.

The bottom line

Overall, a CMMS system will drastically change how you’re able to conduct your daily operations and provide you with a level of efficiency that’s otherwise impossible. CHAMPS CMMS solutions are designed to be easy to use and flexible enough to integrate with how you conduct your business. If you’re looking to take the plunge and implement a CMMS solution, join us for a quick demonstration on what possibilities our software can unlock for you.

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