Better Plant Management with PowerCHAMPS

Powerplant management can be a daunting task, with multiple aspects of your maintenance management efforts having a direct influence over how efficient your facility is. PowerCHAMPS is an EAM solution that’s been designed to meet the energy industries unique challenges. Reductions in plant maintenance costs lead directly to bottom-line profits and while this alone can justify using an EAM like PowerCHAMPS, there are several other key benefits that plant operations and maintenance groups stand to gain, like:

Life Cycle Management

PowerCHAMPS integrated applications are ideal for the life cycle management of a plant’s systems and components. Life cycle management focuses on maintenance, which encompasses a wide range of plant activities geared to preventing failures of important safety equipment, as well as repairing or replacing worn parts and equipment.

Tiered Integrated Applications

PowerChamps is designed for implementation at all types of generating facilities, renewable energy, fossil and nuclear power plants. The applications are tiered to deliver just the functionality needed by each type of plant. PowerCHAMPS applications are totally modular, enabling easy modifications and integration as required by each plant.

Improved License Extension

Utilities are able to manage aging effects on the majority of components throughout a plant’s operating life. Plants leveraging PowerCHAMPS are much more prepared to demonstrate how critical equipment has been maintained, helping satisfy the stringent Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC) standards for license renewal.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Providing accurate maintenance records in a timely manner is crucial for regulatory compliance with industry groups like INPO and the NRC. PowerCHAMPS provides you with many features to aid you in properly distributing required information for compliance.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Our solutions provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry, providing significant ROI. This advantage is attained by delivering comprehensive and integrated solutions requiring little to no customization, keeping you on schedule and withing budget without an army of consultants.

Flexible Deployment Options

Supporting flexible deployment options like cloud (public/private) and local installations, PowerCHAMPS can be easily deployed in a fraction of the time it would normally take to deploy other EAM solutions.

Plus, all of the features from a top-tier EAM/CMMS solution

In addition, PowerCHAMPS contains all of the core functionality you would expect to see in a top tier maintenance management software package, ensuring that your maintenance efforts are supported.