Optional Modules

Condition Reporting

The Condition Report (CR) Module provides the ability to report, classify, trend, distribute and review potential issues for future prevention. 
Condition Reports are used to initiate the process of reviewing and correcting such problems. 
This module is integrated with the CHAMPS workflow engine which defines the work approval process associated with a client’s corrective action program. 
CR documents consist of multiple sub-documents including, reportability, operability and evaluation which are utilized based on the nature of the problem being reported.


CHAMPS Inspection application is designed for managing inspections performed for specified equipment. The application eliminates cumbersome paper trails, ensuring that proper historical data is retained and easily accessed for audits and legal purposes. 

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Lockout / Tagout

The Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) Module provides the ability to define enclosures that list steps necessary to establish and restore plant conditions necessary to safely perform work. The system also provides for the definition, printing and control of warning devices (tags) that can be securely fastened to an energy isolating device in accordance with an established procedure. Two major modules utilized by Lockout Tagout are: Equipment and Work Order.
The CHAMPS Lockout Tagout Module is integrated with other core modules, which together make up the CHAMPS EAM system.


Industrial environments inherently possess serious threats to workforce safety and health. Around the world, government agencies have established occupational safety and health standards expressly designed to eliminate or at least mitigate potential threats. Enterprises required to comply with national or industry safety standards expend much time and energy in establishing in-house positions, policies and procedures to meet or exceed the standards. Enterprises seeking to achieve world class workforce safety and health standards go the extra step of automating all safety processes.

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Nuclear power plant owners receive a combined license that enables them to construct and operate the plant once construction is complete, if certain standards identified in the combined license are satisfied. These standards are called Inspections, Tests, Analyses, and Acceptance Criteria, or ITAAC. Successful completion and acceptance of ITAAC provides reasonable assurance that the facility has been constructed and will operate in conformity with the combined license. 

Project Tracking

CHAMPS Project Tracking Module tracks the transaction details and financial aspects of a wide variety of projects including capital projects, engineering projects, cost-sensitive projects, and project-oriented work.
Project Tracking makes it easy to capture, analyze, and report on the financial impact of projects allowing you to generate accurate reports comparing projected needs against budgets and current expenses.
The CHAMPS Project Tracking Module is integrated with other core modules which together make up the CHAMPS EAM system.