CHAMPS Workforce Management

As today’s organizations radically alter their human resource philosophies and at the same time deal with ever increasingly complex labor issues, effective and meaningful workforce management goes far beyond tracking an employee’s address, phone number and date-of-birth.

You need to have complete information on all employees and contractors working for your company. This information includes all vital personal information, job related information past and present, availability, training and certification data, time and attendance information, along with detailed accident information.

CHAMPS Workforce module is a flexible and fully integrated solution for work planning and time reporting. CHAMPS provides the ability to accurately capture how time is expended in order to assess how well the organization is functioning. Features include:

  • Current and historical employment information
  • Multi-trade / skill / qualifications definition
  • Work force availability calendar for scheduling
  • Declined overtime tracking
  • Timecard and attendance information
  • Multiple trade / job function labor charges
  • Day / week / month timesheet generation
  • Timecard approval routing
  • Work force training curriculum and participation
  • Certification renewal frequency notification
  • Accident history
  • OSHA accident / body part reporting codes
  • Adding overhead percentage charges to labor rates