CHAMPS Taskview

CHAMPS TaskView leverages the STO / MRO scheduling data in existing CMMS and scheduling applications by visually displaying, in real-time, an accurate schedule of work assignments. The application provides visual cues that quickly summarize and highlight the current status of individual tasks, hierarchy of related tasks and potential issues affecting the schedule. The system is user definable to allow an organization to determine the business rules that define key attributes related to a task, i.e. start / end dates and times, durations, criticality etc. and how that data should be sorted, auto-scrolled and displayed.

  • Determine the source scheduling data origin (CMMS, ERP, Scheduling application etc.)
  • Support any leading database (MS SQL, Oracle etc.)
  • Determine how often to refresh the schedule (once per day, every 5 seconds etc.)
  • Determine how fast to auto scroll the data
  • Determine the color legend associated to the status of your tasks