CHAMPS Project Tracking

The CHAMPS Project Tracking Module gathers transaction details and tracks the financial aspects of a wide variety of projects, including capital projects, engineering projects, cost-sensitive projects, etc.  Project Tracking makes it possible to capture, analyze, and report on the financial impact of projects. Project Tracking is integrated with other CHAMPS modules, including Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requests, Material Requests, Inventory, Timecard and Work Orders. The CHAMPS Project Tracking provides the following features and functionality:

  • Projects can have unlimited Tasks representing milestones. Each task may be related to multiple document types such as:
    • Work Orders
    • Material Requests
    • Purchase Request Line Items
    • Purchase Order Line Items
    • AP Voucher Line Items
  • Project Tasks accumulate their own Estimated, Committed, and Actual costs from:
    • Inventory Issues
    • Purchasing Receipts
    • AP Vouchering of non-Inventory items
    • Timecards
    • Manually entered Work Order Step Actual Costs
  • The Project Cost Accumulation can email Project Planners when their projects approach a pre-defined Actual/Committed percentage of the original Estimate
  • Projects support Approval routing and electronic Attachments
  • Project Cost Accumulation may be viewed by Cost Center ‘owners’ using Budget Drilldown functionality