CHAMPS Permits

Industrial environments inherently possess serious threats to workforce safety and health. Around the world, government agencies have established occupational safety and health standards expressly designed to eliminate or at least mitigate potential threats. Enterprises required to comply with national or industry safety standards expend much time and energy in establishing in-house positions, policies and procedures to meet or exceed the standards. Enterprises seeking to achieve world class workforce safety and health standards go the extra step of automating all safety processes.

The additional step of automation is more than a step. It is a quantum leap. Automation brings an oftentimes slow, blind, archaic, manually driven paper based process from the Stone Age into the new millennium. This is accomplished using compliance savvy software enforcing the latest standards in real time with enterprise wide exposure.

One area where automation brings immediate measurable benefits to any organization is in the area of permitting. Depending on your industry and where you operate, you may use the term Permit to Work or simply permit. Some organizations have permits and a unique work package covering document called Permit to Work. Suffice it to say, no matter what you call it or how many unique types you need, CHAMPS-Permit is the answer.

CHAMPS-Permit application is a .Net web architected solution which may be acquired and deployed on an enterprise network / intranet, or may be delivered under a SaaS model with zero infrastructure cost, minimal setup and configuration investment, and low monthly per user fees. Features of the CHAMPS-Permit component include:

  • Unlimited user defined permit types
  • Unlimited user specific permit process workflow configuration
  • Email approval routing
  • Baseline industry agnostic permit templates and reports
  • Scan & paste existing paper based permits
  • Enforces enterprise workforce safety protocols
  • Government regulatory compliance
  • Complete audit trail & history of safety procedures
  • Streamlines all permitting process and eliminates human error
  • Improves plant operations by reducing safety related downtime
  • Saves money by eliminating regulatory fines
  • Most important – CHAMPS-Permit saves lives