Mobile Suite: The Mobile CMMS Software Solution

With the advances in mobile technologies, the people responsible for managing maintenance programs have begun to look for ways to improve their ability to maintain their assets. Mobile CMMS software solutions are now one of the most desirable features in a CMMS package due to their ability to provide your workforce with greater access to essential information while in the field. Mobile Suite is a mobile CMMS software application designed to empower your workforce while out in the field with the ability to react to changing needs.

Integrated Work Packages

A great deal of information is required to properly repair and maintain equipment, resulting in cumbersome paper-based work packages. Electronic work packages provided by a mobile CMMS software solution allow your work procedures, equipment catalogs, parts inventory, and other information to be accessed by workers in the field without having to leave the field.

Connected Workforce

Computerized maintenance provided better intelligence. Then, the Internet empowered computers to connect with each other and share information for even greater intelligence. Today, mobile devices allow for a truly connected workforce. Workers and managers alike can now get up-to-date information on work progress in multiple locations from anywhere on any web-enabled device.

Right Place, Right Time

Right Place, Right Time

Integrating a mobile CMMS software solution into your maintenance management empowers the workforce with the ability to provide you with constant communication and updates, regardless of where they’re physically located. Providing these near real-time updates allows you to see the big picture and focus your resources accordingly.

Enabling Worker Initiative

By integrating mobile technology into your CMMS, you’re able to empower your workers in the field with more tools and a better ability to perform their jobs effectively. This increased level of knowledge and efficiently allows your workforce to act immediately based on their field assessments, all while keeping you abreast of the situation.