CHAMPS Inventory

If maintenance personnel are to be well prepared and deliver optimum performance during scheduled maintenance activities, access to replacement parts and other necessary material is a must. The truth of this fact becomes painfully obvious during an unexpected breakdown occurs on critical equipment and your well trained maintenance crew’s productivity drops to zero as they sit around waiting for needed parts. Achieving the delicate balance between maintenance effectiveness and parts availability requires a comprehensive and fully integrated inventory management system.

CHAMPS Inventory component manages all aspects of inventory control and the warehousing processes. Therefore helping to predict demand and optimize stock replenishment levels, which results in improved maintenance, operational efficiency and reduced inventory costs.

Our Inventory provides an on-line, real-time picture of inventory quantities at various stages in the inventory cycle including on-hand, on-order, and reserved quantities. To maintain accurate inventory counts, a physical inventory adjustment process is provided to adjust perpetual inventory quantities to the actual physical count. The following is a list of important features included within the CHAMPS Inventory component:

CHAMPS Inventory Delivers:

  • Corporate wide and plant specific inventory catalog
  • OLE enabled document attachment capability to inventory items
  • Multiple valuation methods including FIFO and LIFO
  • SKU / part number tracking
  • Tracking of non-stock SKU’s
  • Automatic unit of measure conversion
  • User-definable, inventory-allowable warning tolerances
  • Unlimited warehouse location definition
  • Inter-warehouse item transfer
  • Intra-warehouse item transfer
  • On-line shipping records
  • Manual inventory transfers
  • Complete physical inventory
  • Standard reports including Picking / Packing Slip generation
  • Bar Code support