Take Control of your Maintenance program with CMMS

CHAMPS provides over 40 years worth of CMMS and EAM expertise. Track, schedule, organize, and make sense of your maintenance operations with CHAMPS CMMS and EAM.

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Why choose CHAMPS?

Our CMMS and EAM software has provided organizations with the ability to manage their maintenance operations while reducing costs and improving workforce efficiency since 1976. Powerful yet affordable, the CHAMPS CMMS and EAM solution empowers those looking to get the most out of their maintenance programs.

Increase Productivity

Spend less time managing your maintenance and more time actually performing it. No more paper forms, manually managing inventories or struggling with scheduling.

Reduce Costs

Keep costs in check by reducing unexpected downtime and identifying wasteful spending. Spend your maintenance budget more wisely and maximize your value.


Improve Asset Longevity

Improve the lifespan of your assets through more refined maintenance cycles and methods. CHAMPS CMMS software allows you to track maintenance needs in unparalleled detail.

Our solution experts are ready and available to provide you with a personalized demonstration of how our software can help you improve your maintenance program.

What Our Customers are Saying

  • "As a 15 year CHAMPS user and last 4 as administrator I find CHAMPS to be the best way to track our maintenance issues and corrective actions. Coming from a mechanical back ground I like the fact that the data base gives me the ability to track failures enabling me to trend machinery to prevent future failures."
  • "The CHAMPS program is solid and the support is very personal. CHAMPS is tuned into the CMMS market and innovates continuously. The CHAMPS software has a solid and fine tuned engine and the mechanics to support the back office application."
  • "The CHAMPS Software Team has worked to provide a product that works with our business practices in our unique environment. The staff members have always been very professional and are dedicated to providing a quality product."
  • "CHAMPS is very user-friendly and as an administrator, I do not get many help-desk type calls for assistance. CHAMPS has always been very quick to respond to any questions or modifications that we have requested."
  • "I particularly like CHAMPS because I know it can do many different aspects of a business; work orders, purchasing, payroll, account payable, inventory, scheduling, lock-out tag-out, etc. If there is one part of the system that is not adequate to your company's function, the great employees at CHAMPS will tweak it and make it do what ever you are looking for."

CHAMPS is a complete CMMS and EAM experience.

When you’re ready to grow we’ll have you covered.


Our Comprehensive EAM Functionality Includes:

  • Work Management
  • Procurement
  • Inventory Control
  • Corrective Action Program
  • Safety
  • Project Tracking
  • Calibration
  • Inspections
  • Analytics

Intuitive Features

Drag & Drop Scheduling

  • Multiweek Scheduling(6-weeks out).
  • Crew/Trade Scheduling with Availability Calendar. It’s easy to know who is available for assignments.
  • Track Scheduling Compliance. Know how well you are adhering to your maintenance schedule.
  • Drag & Drop Calendar Schedule Loading.

Interactive Maps

Easily locate and identify your assets.

  • Upload personalized maps.
  • Utilize multiple maps to further refine specific locations.
  • Hover over feature for high level equipment information.
  • Directly link to equipment details.