Improving Bottom Line with Value-Based Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Optimization is a powerful way to implement value-based maintenance strategies for organizations to improve efficiency and reduce costs. With CHAMPS solutions, your organization will attain value by eliminating unnecessary PM tasks.

The goals of preventive maintenance are clear: prevent major asset failure by performing periodic maintenance on equipment. But how does your organization identify critical equipment and those that do not require routine PMs? The PM optimization applications developed by CHAMPS will identify how much you spend and where you’re spending it, and in turn allow your organization to find ways to reduce PM work without sacrificing reliability.

Join us for a webinar on preventive maintenance optimization

Learn how to implement a value-based maintenance strategy in your preventive maintenance by attending a webinar with us on Wednesday, March 21st at 11:00 AM EST. You’ll gain valuable insight as to how you can identify and improve inefficiencies that will lead to reduced costs.