Is your Maintenance Program Optimized? 3 basic questions to get started. – Part 3

How do you know if your maintenance program is truly optimized? What are the benefits of optimization? Most importantly how do you get optimization started? This is our third post in our 3 part series that helps you to evaluate optimization with 3 basic questions. The third question is:

Does my maintenance program know how to identify a bad PM?

The preventive maintenance (PM) plan is the heart of a good maintenance program. They are essential to maintain the smooth operation of your work environment and reliability of your equipment. However, this does not mean that all PMs are good. Could you have bad PMs at your facility? How would you identify them? Let’s start with a basic definition of what we’re looking for that makes a PM bad.

What is a bad PM?

A bad pm is redundant, prohibitive, and not critical.

Redundant PMs can easily sneak into a CMMS. They can come about from changing your maintenance strategy, personnel, and even CMMS application. User error can create redundancy. That’s why you should always be careful when adding or changing frequencies. Whatever the case, a redundant PM is a bad PM.

When you initially created your PMs cost was an important factor. However, costs associated with labor and materials will escalate with time. Hence, even a well-designed PM can eventually become cost prohibitive.

Has non-critical equipment found its way into your PM program? Some confuse the concept of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) for reliability at all costs. A bad PM is focused on non-critical assets.

An optimized maintenance program identifies bad PMs and saves money

When your maintenance program is optimized a bad PM stands out. A good CMMS will help you evaluate cost trends of your PM program based on criticality. Therefore, assets with high costs can targeted for improvement. In a good solution repair vs replace costs are obvious. Removing bad PMs creates instant measurable savings to your bottom line.

CHAMPS is dedicated to helping maintenance organizations reach their full potential. Contact us to learn how CHAMPS can help your maintenance organization to become optimized.

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