Mobile Maintenance Technology – What Does it Mean for You?

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet. These mobile devices have drastically changed how we’re able to access important information. We can check email, take photos or videos then instantly post them online, surf the web, and much more all from a single device. Tablets are even more versatile, with most offerings being powerful enough to replace laptops.

This technology revolution isn’t limited to just our personal lives, either. The workplace is also beginning to rely increasingly on mobile devices. Employees can keep track of meetings, take notes electronically, host video conferences, and more with the help of mobile technology.

But what does this mean for the maintenance industry? Simply put, mobile technology helps maintenance workers by providing them with two key components:

  • Access to information
  • The ability to communicate feedback

Maintenance Challenges

Workers in the field don’t have the luxury of being near managers, supervisors, and other organizational resources. They’re cut off from access to manuals or spare parts and thus, they face a unique set of challenges.

Lack of access to critical information

A common trend among maintenance workers is that they feel like important information (manuals, troubleshooting guides, etc.) isn’t easily accessible. Physical documents are easily lost, a burden to carry around, and can only be used by one person at a time.

Timely & accurate communication

Workers in the field also feel like they can’t communicate with managers effectively. Maybe a field tech finds that an asset is badly damaged and needs to inform their supervisor about it. Or maybe they need to shut an important process down to do something and need approval.

Not being able to relay information easily compounded with the fact that the information you’re trying to convey might not be fully understood creates delays and confusion.

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