Mobile Access and Its Effect on Maintenance


There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the use of mobile technologies to enhance the maintenance process. Smart buildings have been a topic of discussion for a very long time now, but only recently has the technology for mobile devices become reliable and cost effective enough to be considered as a tool that can be leveraged in the field.

With this increase in mobile availability, the hardware barrier for entry into using mobile devices for maintenance plans becomes a much more realistic option for those who are looking to improve their ability to respond to unexpected events and perform routine maintenance with greater efficiency. And as a result, many CMMS vendors are either currently offering or working on offering mobile software solutions for maintenance and other aspects of asset management.

The tools are available to make the switch, but what impact do they actually have on an organization’s ability to improve their maintenance plans? The first obvious benefit is that arming the maintenance crews with the ability to view and edit existing work orders allows them to be much more productive in the field. They’re able to see not only their schedule but the active work orders for other works as well, allowing them to coordinate with each other in real-time which in turn allows your entire maintenance workforce to be much more efficient in their operations.

The other extremely important, but often overlooked, effect mobile technology has on your maintenance plans is that it allows your workforce to become proactive in their daily routines. Consider this scenario:

Joe is on a maintenance crew and begins his day by driving to a location for machinery inspections. Joe begins his inspections, and while doing so he notices that an unrelated piece of equipment is damaged and needs to be repaired. Because Joe is armed with a mobile solution for maintenance, he’s able to finish his inspection and then generate a work request for the damaged equipment without having to leave the field or even call someone. Using his tablet or smartphone, Joe can document the damage, provide information about where the equipment is located, and include any other essential information all while standing right in front of the equipment.

You might be thinking that this specific scenario doesn’t apply to you or it isn’t that big of a deal by itself, and while that’s probably true, it’s important to think about the big picture when evaluating your maintenance plans. Regardless of what industry you’re in, being able to keep your maintenance crews in the field longer allows them to spend more time focusing on the maintenance and repair work. Meanwhile, providing them with tools to document and report unexpected maintenance or repairs provides you with a much clearer picture of what’s happening in the field.

This is why CHAMPS has developed Mobile Suite. We believe that technology should make our lives easier, in both personal and business applications. CHAMPS Mobile Suite provides you with the tools to manage and maintain your assets while in the field. Track work orders, inspections, manage inventory and view detailed information from any web-enabled mobile device.

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