Mobilize your Inspections

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Perform Better Inspections

Mobile inspections tools from CHAMPS will drastically improve how your organization is able to perform asset inspections. Eliminate paper forms, access manuals from the field, and more with CHAMPS.

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Performing quality and timely inspections is an integral part of maintenance management. Ensuring assets are healthy and free from damages or signs or abnormal wear can mean the difference between minor maintenance and major breakdowns. CHAMPS inspections is a mobile ready suite of inspection tools that will help you increase the accuracy and speed at which inspections can be performed.

CHAMPS Mobile Inspections solution helps preform inspections faster and more accurately. Workers can view assigned inspections, mark inspections as complete when done, scan bar codes to view asset related information, review inspection content such as diagrams and schematics, and identify corrective work without ever having to leave the field.

Deployment of CHAMPS Mobile Inspection solution will eliminate paper forms, improve communication with workers in the field, capture information in real-time and initiate corrective work as it is identified during inspection. Mobile inspections provide faster, more accurate feedback from staff members who are actively performing maintenance work and inspections.


Inspection Management

CHAMPS Mobile inspection solution includes comprehensive inspection management functionality. The solution delivers the power to create and manage all inspection checklists from one centralized database. An audit trail gives the assurance that every adjustment to the inspection program is retained for accurate record keeping.

Managing inspections includes making sure the right people are being used for the right job. Grouping inspection lines to job functions ensures that the task is always appropriately assigned.


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Empower inspectors

CHAMPS Mobile Inspection empowers inspectors with the information they need when they need it. From an inspector will be able to:

  • View assigned inspections for the day
  • perform and complete inspections from the field.
  • Scan bar codes to view asset specific information
  • Review inspection relevant content like pictures, diagrams, and drawings
  • Identify corrective work

Real-time Analytics

Mobile inspections mean faster and accurate feedback. Real-time inspection performance information is at your fingertips. Monitor the status of your rides as the inspections are performed. Address and assign corrective actions as soon as they are identified. Capturing information at this level allows you to look for trends in your inspection program and evaluate ride reliability.



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