Plant Optimization
with PowerCHAMPS

PowerCHAMPS is designed specifically for the power industry to optimize plant maintenance, repairs, operations and outage functions. The solutions have increased uptime, reduced costs, improved regulatory compliance and optimized performance of power plants.

CHAMPS Software, Inc. invites you to a free, personalized workshop to demonstrate how CHAMPS applications will help you increase uptime for your power plant.

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Working with your team, we will:

  • Perform a comprehensive gap analysis to identify your needs
  • Develop a solution that meets your requirements
  • Define deployment options

You will have the opportunity to conduct in-depth evaluation of the applications that are most critical for your operations. Based on your interests, we will explore topics such as:

  • Outage Planning
    • Outage Planning helps a Plant Manager and Outage Planner reduce the duration of the outage. Every day that is reduced from an outage duration for a nuclear, coal or a combined cycle plant could save a power utility over a million dollars per day. CHAMPS solutions are deployed throughout the year for comprehensive outage planning.
  • PM Optimization to improve critical equipment performance
    • An enormous amount of time, effort and funds are allocated to preventive maintenance of plant equipment. Learn how CHAMPS Analytics, in cooperation with EPRI, is optimizing PM functions at several nuclear power plants.
  • Avoid downtime associated with safety issues
    • CHAMPS LOTO (Lockout/Tagout) is the industry’s most comprehensive automated solution for isolating plant equipment to ensure worker safety and expedited work completion.


Designed to Meet Your Requirements

Power CHAMPS delivers the industry’s most comprehensive functionality. You will confirm this by evaluating the solutions with us in a workshop setting. You may start now by reviewing the features for each CHAMPS application below:

Start your plant optimization projects now

It is your initiative and your call. We will work with your schedules. You determine the day, time and place you want to meet.  We have three options. We will visit your facilities to meet with your team*, you can come to our offices in Crystal River, Florida, or we can arrange an online workshop if that’s what you prefer.

Let’s get together. Our workshop will deliver a great return on investment of your time as you might just discover the plant software applications you need going forward.

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