CHAMPS Expertise

RFP Preparation

Because of its extensive experience with plant maintenance and operations solutions, prospects depend on CHAMPS’ expertise to develop their Requests for Proposals for the solutions that they are looking for. Working with CHAMPS enables prospects to accelerate their search for the solutions that will work best for them.

Application Development

With the expertise, experience and the methodology that CHAMPS has attained in the course of developing its web architected solutions, CHAMPS now partners with its customers to develop and deploy business applications quickly and effectively. Teaming with its customers, CHAMPS identifies requirements and prepares a plan for defining and delivering a proof-of-concept prototype for the project. This proof-of-concept application enables the customers to understand how web architecture can be deployed to develop, test, support and scale their business solutions.

Software Modernization

CHAMPS brings a unique expertise in modernizing legacy applications. The data base driven techniques developed by CHAMPS offer the benefits and advantages to modernizing legacy applications that are unmatched by any other approach or vendor. The process is independent of the programming language used for developing the application. The existing data base structure is retained, or the DB structure can be altered based on the customer needs. All the time-tested core business functions of legacy software are retained and enhanced as desired. Our methodology does not require the lengthy requirements of gathering and software engineering because the functionality is already defined. We reuse our previously developed foundation programs for functions such as login, security, work flow and other administrative set-up components. Having substantial development work already in place, our approach is by far the quickest solution for modernizing legacy applications.

Implementation Expertise

CHAMPS staff has experience in implementing large applications for customers in power, pulp and paper, petro-chemical and other such industries. Almost all implementations include modifications, integration and data conversion. CHAMPS solutions have been integrated with Financial, ERP and project management applications.

Customer Care

CHAMPS excels at creating long term partnerships with all its customers. CHAMPS does not just sell products, we sell solutions. This requires getting “up-close and personal” with our customers, maintaining constant communication and personalized support throughout the solution’s lifecycle. Our customers’ entire experience from product selection to implementation, deployment, and ongoing support is what leads them to form a strong and lasting partnership with us. The way we work with our customers is what truly differentiates us from other software solution companies. That also explains why companies have remained loyal to our solutions for over 35 years.