with our intelligent CMMS


CMMS Benefits

Increased Productivity

Downtime from broken equipment is a major source of lost productivity. CHAMPS CMMS reduces unplanned stoppage by enforcing preventive maintenance programs and monitoring equipment performance.

Improve the lifespan of your assets through more refined maintenance cycles and methods. CHAMPS CMMS software allows you to track maintenance needs in unparalleled detail.

Costs associated with PMs can be deceptive and finding areas for improvement is not always obvious. One such area is PM work for assets that are not mission critical to your operations. Value-based maintenance strategies allow you to strike a balance between cost and reliability.

CHAMPS data analysis tools provide maintenance data visualization giving managers the fact-based comprehension to go beyond intuition when making decisions pertaining to maintenance processes and operations.

CHAMPS applications including Lockout Tagout, Permits and Inspections ensure that the work environment is safe and secured for the work force and the organizations meet the regulatory requirements for work force safety.

Spare parts optimization leads to timely availability of spares and minimizing investment in overall inventory. Unpredictable spare parts availability directly leads to poor asset and plant availability and reliability.


What Our Customers are Saying

  • "As a 15 year CHAMPS user and last 4 as administrator I find Champs to be the best way to track our maintenance issues and corrective actions. Coming from a mechanical background I like the fact that the database gives me the ability to track failures enabling me to trend machinery to prevent future failures."
  • "The CHAMPS program is solid and the support is very personal. CHAMPS is tuned into the CMMS market and innovates continuously. The CHAMPS software has a solid and fine tuned engine and the mechanics to support the back office application."
  • "The CHAMPS Software Team has worked to provide a product that works with our business practices in our unique environment. The staff members have always been very professional and are dedicated to providing a quality product."
  • "CHAMPS is very user-friendly and as an administrator, I do not get many help-desk type calls for assistance. CHAMPS has always been very quick to respond to any questions or modifications that we have requested."
  • "I particularly like CHAMPS because I know it can do many different aspects of a business; work orders, purchasing, payroll, accounts payable, inventory, scheduling, lock-out tag-out, etc. If there is one part of the system that is not adequate to your company's function, the great employees at CHAMPS will tweak it and make it do whatever you are looking for."

Offline CHAMPS Mobile

Your CMMS is a powerful tool, don’t leave it sitting on your desk.

  • Complete the job
    No connection? No problem.
    Status equipment, update your work order right from the field.
  • Create attachments
    Capture the complete picture even while offline. Record breakdown and repair details using pictures, audio, and video from a mobile device.
  • Intuitive downloads
    CHAMPS Mobile maintenance performs smart downloads, ensuring you have all the pertinent information you need to complete the job.


CHAMPS does not just deliver products, we eliminate customer pain points with comprehensive solutions. This requires getting “up-close and personal” with our customers, maintaining constant communication and personalized support throughout the solution’s lifecycle. Our customers’ entire experience from product selection to implementation, deployment, and ongoing support is what leads them to form a strong and lasting partnership with us. The way we work with our users is what truly differentiates us from other software solution companies.

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